Look Better Naked [LBN] Training Studio was founded by Shaye Best in 2003 when he decided to enrich people’s lives by helping them achieve their personal goals.

We improve your fitness and personal training by focusing on the following key areas:

The spine itself is just bones stacked on top of one another and in between the bones-to cushion them-are small discs. The core of each disc has the texture of cheese, and it is surrounded by tough fibrous tissue. To make the spine more stable, the parts are all connected with layers of soft tissue such as cartilage and ligaments. They are also connected by muscles. If these muscles are strong and working in the proper order, you have a solid base for movement and for absorbing the impact of the ground through your body.

Supple Strength improves your strength and flexibility, and is an important aspect of any well-balanced exercise regime. We have a variety of different routines to increase suppleness and strengthen those hard to reach areas. This also helps for toning.

Cardio training activities (such as running, skating, cycling, etc.) are ways to improve your cardiovascular endurance. This type of training produces many physiological benefits such as:

  • Improved heart function.
  • Positive blood vessel and blood chemistry changes. This means reduced blood pressure, increased blood supply to the muscles and heart, improved blood lipid (fat) profile, more efficient exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide and increased blood volume.
  • Improved respiratory function.
  • Increased neural, endocrine and metabolic functioning.

There are numerous strength training programs and theories out there, much of it geared toward bodybuilders and advanced exercisers. If you’re just getting started, it’s quite easy to become totally confused by all of the anatomical terms and gym jargon. We simplify strength training by giving you the foundation of any safe and effective strength training routine. You will learn the names of the major muscle groups and the exercises that target them, the difference between sets and reps, the elements of proper form, and the basics of frequency and progression.

There are many diets in today’s world that people follow. We know what works and what does not. We will advise you on the best nutritional advice according to your goals, and if followed correctly, will guarantee results. We help regulate you and your weight maintenance. There are many quick fixes to lose weight but doing it correctly is what we focus on.

Don’t underestimate the importance of any of the five main parts of a successful muscle gain program. It won’t be all about your workout routines. If you truly want to dramatically change your body and to learn how to build muscle mass fast, understand that it will be the power of all these factors working together that will propel you towards your goals: a precise combination of nutrition, exercise and rest will provide you with maximum results. We provide you with the correct advice and guide you with every step of the way to gain the exact measurements you look for.


At “Look Better Naked” we:

  • work one-on-one with our clients.
  • help assess your level of physical fitness and help set and reach your fitness goals.
  • demonstrate various exercises and help improve your exercise techniques.
  • record exercise sessions to monitor your progress.
  • are with you every step of the way and help you lose the unwanted weight gain or extra muscle gained.
  • Diet and training programs.
  • One-on-one Posing.
  • Life Coaching with Shaye.

Please contact me if you would like a personalised quote based on your schedule. Find out more about us and how to get in touch simply by visiting our contacts page, where you can easily get hold of one of The Trainers. We are always happy to help make your life a little bit better by making you look better naked!