Our clients mean a lot to us and we take all their opinions to heart. We make use of our client’s feedback to improve on our training methods and the way people perceive us. We have an extensive client list. Some of our clients decided to offer their comments on our personal skill level, our training methods and the results they achieved while training with us, which comments are viewed below:


I began my training with Shaye in 2012. Never having done weight training before only cardio, and aerobic training, he introduced me into a world of fitness that has endless possibilities. I could see my body changing on a weekly basis, I felt physically stronger with every passing week. Shaye has the capability to make you work harder, push yourself to extreme limits ,and even enjoy doing so. He does not take no for an answer, and when you feel like you cannot go on, that is when he never gives up.

With Shaye’s training method, I took a leap of faith and entered my first body building competition, doing the bikini division. Throughout the intense training, he never stopped believing that I could and would succeed. He takes the journey with you, every step, every day. I placed 2nd at my first NABBA Provincial competition and 4th place at my first NABBA National competition. And looking back, I know had it not been for his motivation, brilliant training, and fierce belief, I most probably would never have taken the chance.

Shaye has a passion for training people, he does not see it as a job, he eat, sleeps and breathes it, that is what makes his passion true to the sport.

He truly loves what he does, and is a master at doing exactly that.

Jaye Schoeman - Trainer Shaye Best

We have been training with Shaye Best since 2009 and have we had an incredible journey. As we are a couple who are not spring chickens any more what we have managed to accomplish is truly amazing. We have now done off road cycle races, road cycle races, hikes,15km runs and even bootcamps.

Having loads of fun and meeting much younger people along the way Shaye was one of the main reasons John ( my husband) made a speedy and totally recovery from a hip replacement. John was up and walking the day after his operation and was back in the gym 2 weeks later. As his core muscles are so strong from doing all those planks and push ups that I hate. He was totally healed with in 6 weeks instead of 12 Thank you Shaye for all your enthusiasm, encouragement and humour.

What a way to start the day.

Look Better Naked you rock!

Are you looking for a personal trainer? Are you looking to transform your body? I had a dream. I had a personal dream. Retire at 40, be successful and not be self conscious in a Speedo. I hit 40, retired and became successful but the Speedo was always out of my reach. I needed to lose 28 kg, get some muscle and a hell of a lot more body self confidence. I trained with a few trainers but [they] never really seemed to hit the nail on the head. I met larger-than-life Shaye and knew that he was no pushover and if any one was going to get me into shape, off the couch, and into the gym it was him. What can I say about Shaye? If you have not met him then you’re in for one big surprise. Shaye is funny, serious, and honest, has great integrity and knows what training is all about.

I think that Shaye is a true professional and an icon in his field. With a lot of hard work, sweat and tears Shaye not only transformed my body but also gave me a lot of confidence. Shaye’s personal interest in every client sets him apart from the rest. It is always fun going to gym with Shaye around and there is never a dull moment. Good luck to you and I hope you are able to reach your personal goals. A very big “Thank You” to Shaye for standing by me, getting me motivated and most of all the transformation that I have seen due to his knowledge and patience.

I approached Shaye Best at LBN Fitness Studio in December 2014. I had struggled with my weight for many years and was looking for a solution that would not impact on my existing lower back issues.

I was immediately impressed by the level of professionalism, attention to detail and passion at LBN Fitness Studio. Shaye Best is well known for his ‘no nonsense’ approach and although it can be very daunting at first, it is what makes him such a fantastic trainer. Shaye has taught me to push myself harder and never give up. Over the past two and a half years, Shaye has not only changed my shape and size dramatically, he has made me fitter, stronger and much more confident.

Based on my personal experience, I would recommend LBN Fitness Studio to anyone serious about getting results.

I have been training with Shaye for 4 years and what can I say. Never a dull moment. He is what any client would want in a trainer. He is energetic, fun, and motivating. And don’t ever tell him you can’t, because he will just show you, you can.

My Last 4 years has been an amazing adventure from just wanting to get fit to then hitting a midlife crises, and getting on stage. Shaye has been there all the way. Through all the ups and downs, from the gym to back on stage.

He took me all the way to the WBFF World Champions 2012.

He is real and no matter what; he will help you achieve your goals, with hard work, commitment and dedication.

I love training with Shaye and am blessed to have him as my trainer.

Michelle van Straaten - Trainer Shaye Best

I am not quite sure where to start with Shaye, he is honestly one of a kind and I say that for many reasons. Being a national athlete I have had many trainers in my past helping me stay on top of my game. I really needed someone who knew what they were doing, and could push me past my comfort zones, guide me with my nutritional intake and help me keep a balance all at the same time, there always seemed to be something missing, until I met my match, Shaye Best!

He definitely has this surname for a reason, he is the best, so good that at the age of 20 years old, I used to wake up at 4am in the morning and drive from Plumstead to Tableview to be trained. Yes this was commitment from my side and partially mental, however I knew that he was the only one who could help me reach my goals! He didn’t just help me reach my goals, he smashed them to pieces, I lost 8kgs in 3 weeks and was stronger than ever with a whole new vision for nutrition.

But Shaye is more than that, he is not just a gym owner and personal trainer to me. He is a friend with a great sense of humour, a mentor, a man of his word, an Inspiration to me and he taught me the most important lesson-To believe in myself. I admire him, respect him and recommend him to anyone wanting to challenge their body and limits!

Having been a client of Shaye’s for the last four years I would highly recommend him to anyone that’s looking for a personal trainer. When joining I was not only overweight but so unfit that I found it hard to enjoy any form of exercise. But through a lot of patience and total dedication by Shaye I was able to achieve what I set out to do. I managed to totally change the situation around. The gym environment is friendly and conducive to achieving your goals without anyone intruding on your time.

I have recently completed my first year of training with Shaye Best and the results I have from our intense training sessions have been tremendous. Shaye is a brilliant personal trainer who is dedicated to his clients and their health. Shaye strategically plans my exercise regiment in order to maximise my muscle gains. His guidance and encouraging words have ensured that I reach my goals that I have set for myself.

I recently trained with Shaye and it was just what I needed. Shaye boosted my ambition and gave me the drive to achieve my goal weight and build. It’s always easy to say that you want to do something but then the hard part is actually doing it. When I trained with Shaye, he motivated me continuously especially when I needed it the most. I found Shaye to be more than just my trainer, but a friend as well. Someone you know will make sure you achieve what you set out to do and more.

We have been training with Shaye Best for around 8 years now, and can highly recommend him. As we do considerable travel for work, we needed general and specific training to improve. I specifically found Shaye extremely understanding and supportive, before hip replacement surgery and after. It really is helpful when someone can read your effort and ensure that you are getting the maximum benefit. Attention to detail means you do the right exercises correctly. My wofe is 64 and I am 68, and we both feel 10 years or more younger. What I also enjoy is that LBN gym runs on an appointment only basis, ensuring the best results. We can only say “Highly recommend!” and thank you very much Shaye

John and Cher Chapple - Trainer Shaye Best

Training with shaye has taken me from a size 24 to 16 with a pregnancy in between. Going from someone who can barely walk around the block, crying and not breathing! To someone who’s training for her first 21km. Shaye has the perfect combination of a no bullshit, but also motivating approach. He definitely knows when to encourage me and when to push me even harder. Not giving into my mini breakdowns. Not sugarcoating anything, because in his words…ill probably eat that too.
Shaye’s extensive knowledge and commitment to his work and ultimately his clients is what makes him an exceptional trainer, motivator and most of all my friend.
I have never felt stronger and healthier, especially keeping up with 2 toddlers.
Shaye comes highly recommended!!

Suzette Stander - Trainer Shaye Best

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